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Microguard AD95 Anti-Corrosion System


MFG : Microguard


TYPE : Microguard



MicroGuard AD95® Anti-Corrosion Protective Clear Treatment provides long-term corrosion and tarnish 

protection for decorative or functional non-ferrous metals, such as aluminum, copper, brass and 

bronze. It is also highly effective for protecting stainless steel alloys from corrosion and 

staining. Treated surfaces remain bright and shiny and are protected from the deteriorating effects 

of salt-spray, acid rain and other chemicals.

MicroGuard AD95 is specifically formulated to preserve, protect, and prolong the life of 

non-ferrous metals or stainless

steel in commercial, industrial or municipal exposures in the most extreme environments. This 

inorganic, clear treatment bonds to the surface, at the molecular level, for unmatched adhesion and 


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