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Dymak EM1


MFG : Daymak


TYPE : Daymak Sports Scooters


Available in Black, Blue, Red, White, Metallic Black, Metallic Blue, or Metallic Red


The Dymak EM1 mini electric motorcycle has gotten biker enthusiasts abuzz, dominating the next generation of electric bikes that are manufactured to offer style and cutting-edge features. Sit in a prone position on this eBike to turn heads as you go. The EM1 is designed to offer indicative features, but also legal for the streets. It has the USD front shocks and standard rear shocks, and its front LED headlights and signal lights makes for the very reason this rise is revered. Dymak EM1 eBike ride evolved a little too well, coming with foot pegs and pedals for emergency power break.

The Dymak EM1 has automatic transmission, LED back lit speedometer and odometer, and the Dymak Drive Turbo controller. Bikers can very well benefit from the many customized features of the Dymak EM1 electronic scooter, ranging from Bluetooth control, remote start, alarm system, motor lock via the App, and the like, making it the eBike they can configure however they like.

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