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Afiscooter SE


MFG : Afikim

PART : Afiscooter SE

TYPE : Afiscooter


Overall Length
158cm (62")
Overall Width - Standard Wheels
73cm (29")
Overall Height - No Canopy
124cm (49")
Overall Height - with Canopy
202cm (79")
Ground Clearance
125cm (5")
Weight - No Batteries
99kg (218lb)
Weight - (+) Batteries
+146kg (322lb)
Weight Capacity Including Driver
200kg (550lb)
Travel Range
45km (28m)
Maximum Speed
15Km/h (9.3mph)*
Max Climbing Angle
Turning Radius
115cm (45")
Seating Width
46cm (18")
Tire Type
Pneumatic (1.7bar)
Tire Size - Front
Tire Size - Rear
Battery Type x2
12V 73Ah
Rear Wheel Drive Power Unit
24V DC motor | 1,300W
Charger Type
Black & Chrome


The Afiscooter SE with its Black & chrome retro design including many features borrowed from the motorcycle industry is an eye-catcher that makes a real statement but its uniqueness doesn’t end there, there’s plenty of substance too. In addition to the style it brings, the strong steel chassis and strong power unit creates an extremely rugged scooter with a 20 year track record of un beatable reliability.

The Afiscooter SE has the comfort and stability of a big scooter, simple controls and smooth steering that together with an extra small turning radius allows the driver to negotiate almost any obstacle, be it in the high streets or on a countryside traverse. Go to the beach or the country club, take a tour around your village, go to the shopping center, with the Afiscooter Se you can do it all!

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